Health Benefits of Kitesurfing

There is a large amount of evidence that describe the benefits kitesurfing brings to people’s health and here you can find out just the basics of how kitesurfing and other watersports help not only the body but the mind and perhaps the soul too…

Even though you have a harness you will develop a very strong core strength as the centre has to distribute the power and balance from your upper body through to the legs that are pushing against the water. There is inevitable strengthening of the legs and general aerobic fitness through being in the water and experiencing the thrilling exhilaration whilst burning calories at a high rate.

Mentally you will find the sense of accomplishment and achievement that you get whilst learning new moves and being physically active will be fulfilling. Not all of your friends will have had the same opportunity and you will be part of a relatively small group of like- minded people.

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Kitesurfing for All!

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