Kitesurfing Stance

Here you can learn the basics about the kitesurfing Stancece and upwind riding from Yas island Elementary Kitesurfing, as well as some tips on positioning yourself correctly for great kitesurfing results.

Whilst riding the pressure and weight remains over the back foot and at some point you will want to stop, and at first it is easiest to slowly bring your kite up to the 12 o’clock position (which is directly over your head), and the let yourself fall back into the water. Then you return using a kite swoop in the opposite direction and doing the opposite board positioning with your feet.

After this most people will want to start to go upwind so that the have more control over their position. This is done after you have developed a little more confidence in your basic riding skills and you have learnt to stand more upright, as at first you will have a crouched posture. Once you are more upright you can then start to put a little more power into your kite by moving it up and down or adjusting the power strap.

With more power you should then be able to start to lean back against your kite and let it take your weight.When you do this your hips should turn into the direction you want to go and your weight will be over your heels more. Now the board is actually almost diagonal in the water as it pushes a wave of water away from you creating the characteristic spray.

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