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What equipment do I need and how much does it cost ?

We only teach on the most up to date, safest equipment from world leading brand Best Kiteboarding. You will need a kite, a control bar with lines, a board, a harness, buoyancy aid, wetsuit and a helmet. This is all provided for you during your lessons.

Once you’ve completed a course you’ll be raring to purchase your own kit!

New kites can cost anything from £750 to £1200, depending on the size and brand and new boards typically cost anything from £400 to £650.

However, well established specialist retailers often have beginner packages from around £1200 which includes a kite, bar and board.

Second hand kit is available but as the R&D of leading brands such as Best is constantly improving safety, performance and endurance features, it’s not recommended to buy kitesurfing equipment more than one or two years old.

will find that learning on a newer kite is not only safer but also easier when compared to older kites with outdated technology and safety features.

Therefore we strongly advise you get specialist advice prior to purchasing your kit. We will happily advise you.

See YAS Kitesurfing lessons page for further information for beginners.

Kitesurfing for All!

  • Come rain or shine your bookings guaranteed for a year.
  • Have exhilarating fun without the need to be super fit.
  • Receive your personalized kitesurfing license.
  • Safety briefings before each lesson.
  • Available all year round in Yas.
  • Arrange a time to fit your schedule.
  • Ideal for beginners to advanced.
  • All safety equipment included.
  • Learn at your own pace.